Sweet Birthday Surprise

Recently my brother-in-law hit had a birthday. The BIG ONE!  He joined the ranks of us over the hill folks. He’s now old!! Yes, that’s right he turned 40. (Hey, I can say that I too am 40).

candy bouquet from www.lifeofmommaB.wordpress.com

We celebrated with a quiet evening at home. For his birthday, I made him a candy bar bouquet. It had 40 candy bars.

This project began with a metal pot I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I added a layer of glass marbles, I already owned, to give it some weight. Next, I cut a piece of styrofoam to fit inside the pot.  Using my hot glue gun I attached Snickers bar to the outside of the pot. I then attached bamboo skewers to the remaining candy bars. All that was left was to insert the skewers into the pot with a little tissue paper.

This was really easy to make and my brother-in-law seemed to enjoy it. It should last him a little while.


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