May dishcloth (part 1)

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I know it is not May. It is June. But I never posted my monthly dishcloth for May so I thought I would try to get caught up on my blogging today, by sharing it. Butterfly DishclothWhile in the picture looks fine, I am not happy with it. It is supposed to be part of my monthly dishcloth set for this years Christmas presents. I began with a skein of Pink “I Love this Cotton” yarn. Yes, pink is the color on the package for anyone interested. This yarn is 100% cotton like all my other dishcloths. The pattern came from Emily Jagos and can be found for free here.

Now for the problem and what you can’t see  – The yarn is 100% cotton like all of my other dishcloths. However, it does not feel the same. It is very soft and will never work for cleaning dishes. Washing my face – yes, dishes – no.  This pattern also knitted up a bit smaller than my others. It has the same number of row and the cast on is the same, but the final product is smaller. My guess is the yarn. So I decided to toss this one in my project drawer and save it for another day.  I will post the final May dishcloth next week.

Happy Knitting.


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