Sugar on a stick

Last year for the AHG Father/Daughter Dance I made chocolate covered marshmallows. This year our new troop in Florida also had a Father/Daughter Dance. Each family was asked to bring something to share. I asked my  husband what he wanted and HE picked chocolate covered marshmallows. However, I hate to do the same thing twice…

Valentines marshmallows

Besides the different colored sprinkles, I also designed a stick topper inspired by the valentine conversation hearts. To make your own set of toppers, print the file at the end of this post and cut out each heart. Then using a small amount of tape adhere each heart to a paper lollipop stick.

After the toppers were made, I was able to insert them into a large marshmallow and dip in chocolate and sprinkles. Here are some helpful tips that will make the process go easier.

  • Inserting the lollipop stick is harder than it seems. To overcome this, I used a toothpick. I inserted the toothpick all the way through the marshmallow first then inserted the stick.
  • This uses a lot of sprinkles. For 50 marshmallows, I used almost 3 ounces of sprinkles. And don’t waste them by putting them on the bottom of the marshmallow. When the chocolate hardens they are hard to see.
  • Set the freshly dipped marshmallows on wax paper to cool. They come off very easily.
  • Make extra, you cannot eat only 1.

Now for what you have been waiting for, the file to print your own… valentine toppers

These would also be cute put on toothpick and added to cupcakes.  Hope you enjoy.


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