DIY Welcome Mat

As we welcome in the new year, let me welcome you into my home. Door mat

Do you realize that your front door makes a big impression on your house? Just like they say, the first impression is a lasting impression. A door mat is part of that first impression. In preparing for a new house, I also wanted a new doormat. Out with the old dirty one and in with a personalized one. But like always, price is a factor. Monogrammed doormats can be found on Amazon for $25 and more (some were over $100 – ridiculous). I was determined to find a less expensive alternative – enter another DIY project. For less than $6 (including tax) and some supplies I had on hand I now have a new doormat.

 diy Welcome Mat

I began with a plain doormat I found at IKEA for $4.99 and add some supplies I had on hand (a foam brush, acrylic paint, and some vinyl). Not pictured above is a smaller paint brush to help get into the crevices of the mat.

I used my trusty Cricut to cut a large letter B. I discarded the letter and kept the stencil. I applied the vinyl to the mat, being certain to a make sure it stuck to as many points on the woven mat as possible.

Next, I applied a coat of outdoor acrylic paint over the stencil with a foam brush. At this point I realized that the paint was sitting on the top of the mat at the high points and not getting in between the fibers very well, so I used a smaller brush. While the paint was still wet, I removed the stencil and touched up any spots that were missed.

All that was left was to let it dry and set it out at the new house.

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