Keep Calm and Carry a Backpack

Include in your essential list of items for summer camp is a backpack. Every camper needs a small bag to throw over their shoulder to carry their stuff around during the day.

keep calm and carry a backpack

I have to admit this was not one of my SWAPS, but rather it was my daughters. She too has just learned to knit and wanted to hand knit all of her SWAPS for camp. What began as a simple square developed into a cute SWAPS. I must admit she worked a lot harder to complete this than I did on all of mine combined. However, I think they are absolutely adorable and she was able to make them with all the left over yarn I had piled up.

The knitting itself was quite easy. Just cast on 6 stitches using a long tail cast on, then knit 5 rows and cast off leaving a tail of several inches.  Using a yarn needle the tail were brought to the opposite side and tied with a square knot to create the straps of the back pack. The tags were printed on card stock and attached to each piece. A copy of the tag is below for your use.

Keep Calm And Carry a Backpack

Note: the backpack did not open but were more like flat rectangles with loops.


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