My friend the sock monkey

I have fallen in love with sock monkeys, and apparently I am not the only one. I never had a sock monkey as a child, but now that I am all grown up (don’t laugh so loud) I wish I had one. The last SWAPS I made for summer camp was a sock monkey friend. It was by far the most popular SWAPS I made, and quite a few people, including adults, came up to me and asked for one.

sock monkey SWAP

Like all of the other SWAPS I made it was super easy. It began with a piece of 12×12 scrap booking paper. All I had to do was cut them out and drop them into a 2×3 zipper bag. My wonderful hubby wrote the poem for me. So I printed them and attached them to the top of the bag with a zipper before adding the safety-pin.

If you are able to find the sock monkey paper and would like the tag, here it is. Sock monkey SWAPS top

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