Orange Peel Cupcakes

Outdoor CookingWhile camping, the meal options are endless, but dessert does not have to be limited to s’mores. Next time you go camping try Orange Peel Cupcakes.  We made these while working on the Outdoor Cooking Merit Badge (#21).

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Campfire Foil Meal

Outdoor CookingIt is officially fall. I’m one happy camper (pun intended).

Now that it is fall a lot of American Heritage Girls troops are planning campouts. I have decided to devote the next couple of Friday posts to camping.

Requirement #14 of the Outdoor Cooking merit badge has the girls create foil meals.  This is one meal that works well for the entire group – regardless of which ages are camping.  I set up an assembly line and allow the girls to prepare their own meal.

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A Camping we will go

Camping Merit Badge Help | Life of Momma BAre you one of the AHG leaders that loves camping? Does it make your heart race to think about sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows under the starry night sky? Or do you cringe at the thought of having dirt everywhere and trying to get the smell of smoke out of your hair and clothes?  Either way outdoor skills and camping are an important part of the AHG experience.

In order for a Pioneer or Patriot to earn the Camping merit badge, which is required to complete their Stars and Stripes, they must camp for 12 nights.  These begin accumulating when they cross over from Explorers.  Often times the girls are working on this requirement without actually thinking about it.  But it is important that records be kept so they receive credit.

I have given each girl in my unit the following handout.

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