I took the plunge!

Well, the day I always knew was coming, has arrived!

I took the plunge!

I bought my first pattern!

Now I know what you are thinking … I have been knitting for 6 years and have never purchased a pattern.  With so many wonderful free patterns available online (and a few books borrowed from the local library), I have never felt the need to purchase knitting patterns – until now. Continue reading “I took the plunge!”


Finding Joy


Several years ago, my aunt introduced me to the writings of Andy Andrews when she sent me his book, The Noticer, one Christmas.  I have since read several of his books, including his most recent, Finding Joy.

Finding Joy is a free ebook, available to for download here.  Packed into the 18 pages of this book you will find practical tips to finding joy in every area of your life.  And while I definitely was inspired by the book, I know I will need to read it several times to gain all the wisdom packed into this short book. Continue reading “Finding Joy”