Woven Paper Christmas Tree

With it being so close to Christmas, I wanted to make our last Tenderheart AHG meeting of 2018 fun.  My girls love all things crafty. In January we will begin working on the Textile Arts merit badge.  I found this idea on Pinterest and “borrowed” it as a way to introduce weaving to the girls.
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AHG Merit Badge Help – Dawn of Our Country #4

I am not sure which merit badge frontier I enjoy most. I learn so much from the Heritage Frontier.  But I do enjoy the creativity that goes with the Arts Frontier. And when the two overlap, I am delighted.

Today we are looking at the five-pointed star, also known as a pentagram, found on the American flag.  Can you imagine our flag with a six-pointed star instead of the five-pointed star? It just does not seem right.

According to legend, the original flag was designed with a 6 pointed star.  It was not until Betsy Ross, demonstrated how easily a 5 pointed star could be cut that it was even considered.

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Badge Help – Pen & Paper #17

Occasionally, when looking at a badge requirement, you will find that you have completed it (or part of it) without realizing that you have. Using construction paper and a sewing machine, you can create a garland to match any theme.

This month I am focusing on the Pen and Paper Badge.  Requirement #17 says to make decorations for a party or troop activity using paper.  A few years back, our Pioneer Unit hosted a baby shower for one of the troop leaders.  The paper products they found had pink and blue polka dots on them, but they could not find any decorations they liked to match, so we got creative and made our own. Continue reading “Badge Help – Pen & Paper #17”

AHG Merit Badge Help – Pen & Paper #4 – Paper snowflakes

Last week I shared how to create silhouettes, a PiPa requirement for the Pen and Paper Merit Badge.  This week I thought I would share a Tenderheart level requirement.

With the recent flu outbreak, I had the privilege of leading the Tenderheart unit meeting.  Paper snowflakes paired perfectly with the troop devotional that night. God made each of us unique and with different spirits (based on 1 Corinthians 12).

I began the discussion by asking what the girls knew about snowflakes. And was able to move the conversation how each snowflake is different.

From there we created our own snowflakes.  I was surprised how much the girls enjoyed this activity.  Every one of the girls wanted to make multiple snowflakes.  Even the Patriots who stopped by my room after the meeting wanted to get in on the action.

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AHG Merit Badge Help – Pen & Paper #27 – Silhouettes

It has been a while since I have posted merit badge helps on a regular basis. I hope that with the new year, I can get back to posting them regularly. This month I plan to focus on the Pen and Paper Merit Badge found in the 2015 Supplemental Handbook. Requirement 27, wants the girls to learn about silhouettes.

Before the invention of cameras and photography in the 1800’s, individuals would commission an artist to paint their portraits.  However, these were very pricey and only available to the very wealthy. An economical alternative was to have a silhouette cut. Continue reading “AHG Merit Badge Help – Pen & Paper #27 – Silhouettes”