NYE Mystery Quilt: Part 1

Today I wanted to share my current quilt project with you.  I am working on the Sparkling New Year’s Eve Mystery Quilt. Stitchin’ Heaven, Craftsy and National Quilters Circle joined together to hold a virtual New Year’s Eve Quilt-along.  The virtual event was hosted by Rob Appell and Tiffany Hayes.

Being a mystery quilt, I had no idea what the pattern would look like. I opted for a spring beachy vibe and will be using coral, light blue, gray and white.  To add to the adventure my sister joined me New Year’s Eve to sew together while we watched the streaming video.  During the 5 hour long stream we walked through each step and the final quilt was revealed in the end.  While there is no way that anyone could complete this quilt top in 5 hours I did manage to get 1 block done, along with some sub-blocks. 

Now that the final quilt pattern has been revealed, I think I would have changed up the color arrangements. However, I have decided to keep the fabric arrangement I selected and count it as part of the mystery quilt process.  If you would like to see the final pattern you can find it on Craftsy (here). 

I am usually able to sew for a couple of hours each week but that has not happened lately. I am reminded of a verse in Proverbs

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9”

I have great plans, but life seems to go awry, and my attention is needed elsewhere.  I have not been able to work on it lately, but hope to be able to sew some this week. I will keep you posted as I make progress. Stay posted for more updates. 


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