Olivia the Giant Octopus

In an attempt to reduce my yarn stash, I have been knitting a few toys.  These toys will then be donated to one of the organizations that I make goodies for.  My latest project was a giant octopus.

A while back someone gave me some Bernat Baby Blanket yarn – and I never turn down free yarn.  This yarn is super bulky and has a lovely soft texture.  While the colors were not my first choice it did create an amazingly cheerful octopus.

I used a free pattern I found on Ravelry (here) to create Olivia.

The only change I made was after creating the head and attaching the legs, I found the hole at the bottom of the octopus to be a bit larger than I wanted.  So I grabbed a crochet hook and using a series of single crochet stitches, I added to the end until I could comfortably close the hole.

If a giant octopus is a bit much for you, check out this tiny octopus that fits in the palm of your hand (here).

Happy Knitting.


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