How much is that doggie in the window?

Today’s knitting project is darling little doggie.  While he is not for sale, if he was sitting in the store window, he would not last long.  Everyone would want to take him home!

I began with a free pattern created by Amanda Berry.  However, I believe the pattern has one major design flaw… each piece is knitted flat and must be seamed.  I was determined to find another way.

Knitting the body, feet and tail in the round was very easy. I cast-on the specified number of stitches onto a set of dpn needles and joined them in the round.  I translated every purl row into a knit round.  This created the smooth stockinette texture that is needed for the project. Instead of casting off, I cut the yarn and drew up the remaining stitches.

Converting the head took a bit of creativity.  The instructions have you knit from the neck to the top of the head, but 12 stitches are cast-off in the middle to create the doggie’s snout.  Step one, convert all purl rows into knit rounds.  Step two: When I came to the snout I knitted 6 of the stitches to be cast off, then used a kitchener stitch to bind-off 12 stitches.  This left me with 30 stitches and I was able to continue the pattern.

For the record I did knit the ears and collar flat. If you would like to create your own, the original pattern can be found on Ravelry (here).

Happy Knitting!


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