Get ready, cause here I come!

Well, January is more than half way through and the crazy holiday season is long over, yet my projects and commitments continue to grow.

But hang on to your hat, I am determined to make my blog a higher priority this year.  I usually do not post my goals for the year, but I am taking a step of faith, and being transparent.

In 2018 I promised myself that I would not buy any yarn until I had decreased my stash.  I did pretty well with that and did not purchase any until November. I NEEDED yarn to create my nieces Christmas project – you can’t blame me for that. I will confess there was one skein bought on an impulse in December. So overall that is a huge success.

For Christmas, I received two amazing knitting related gifts… a yarn winder and 12 new skeins of cotton yarn (get ready for new dishcloths). Having put my new winder to use, my stash has been organized and I am ready to tackle my next project.

My goal for 2019 is to decrease my project wish list. My project queue on Ravely has now topped 300.  At an ambitious goal of 2 per week, it would take me 3 years to finish them. This does not account for the massive number of Pinterest finds I have.

I know some of my followers do not come to see my latest knitting project. Have no fear, there will be plenty of AHG related posts. I never finished sharing all of last summer’s SWAPS, and I’m planning a whole new set for this year.  As I continue to serve as Tenderheart unit leader, I am always trying to create new ways to present the badge requirements in a fun and unique manner. And when I have to hunt down information I want to share it with you in hopes that together we can spend less time researching and more time ministering to the girls and their families.

So 2019, get ready, cause here I come!


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