This weeks knitting project is an adorable Bluebird.
I used a free pattern, written by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, that I found on Ravelry (here) to knit this amazing little bird.  I loved that it was knitted in the round and did not have any seaming to do or pieces to assemble.  Following the instructions I began at the neck and knitted to the tail.  Then, I picked up my cast-on stitches and knitted from the neck to the beak.

Did you notice the bird’s eye?  I personally think Sara Elizabeth was a genius when she wrote the pattern.  I love the definition and eye-hole that is formed when knitting the head with a few wrapped stitches.  I did decide to add a 6/0 bead in the eye. It sits nicely in the whole that was created in while knitting the head.

I hope you are enjoying my animal collection, there are more to come.

Happy knitting!!!


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