Jesus Nut SWAP

This summer our camp theme centered around creations.  We explored God’s creation in a beautiful mountain setting. But we also studied modern inventions.  Since our Pioneer and Patriots attend a longer camp than our Tenderhearts and Explorers, I wanted to develop a SWAP just for the older girls.

Have you heard about the Jesus Nut?  No, not that crazy bible thumbing guy on the corner, yelling at everyone who walks by – the helicopter part.  A Jesus Nut is a slang term used to describe the part of the helicopter that hold the propellers onto the helicopter.  Soldiers and mechanics realized very quickly that this small part, that fits into the palm of your hand, was crucial to the flight.  If the part were to come loose, the helicopter would crash and there was little chance of surviving.  All that was left for the crew to do was pray.  

This got me thinking… How often in my own life do I wait until everything falls apart to come to Jesus. I find myself praying for healing after the illness or injury comes but not as much time before that thanking Him for the health of those around me. I pray when there is a major purchase or decisions to be made, but often neglect to pray for the little ones.  I believe if we were to be completely honest most of us fall into this pattern at some time.

This super simple SWAP was designed to get the girls thinking. On the back of the SWAP I wrote “1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.”

If you are interested in creating some of these SWAPS, I am including a pdf version of the SWAP tags below.


*Just for the record the Jesus Nut does not look like a hex-nut found at the hardware store, but it served as a great reminder.



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