Another Cheesy SWAP

As someone who make hundreds of swaps each year, I am always looking for a budget friendly idea.  These SWAPS were made using a package of cellulose sponges I picked up at the local dollar store.  Each 3×5 sponge made 24 cheese wedges. For one dollar, plus safety pins, I got 72 SWAPS. That’s not bad at all.

SWAP tags (downloadable here)
Yellow cellulose sponges
Ink pen
Hot glue gun & glue

Step 1:  Download and print the SWAP tags on cardstock. Cut each tag along the dotted lines.  On the back of each tag write your name and troop number. Set aside.

Step 2:  Draw a circle (3 inches in diameter) on the sponge. Cut it out, then cut it into 8 pie shaped wedges.  On the remaining piece of sponge draw a half-circle and divide into fourths. (See image below). Because of the thickness of my sponge, I was able to cut each piece horizontally (like you would tort a cake) and get 24 cheese wedges from each sponge.

Step 3: Use a small amount of hot glue to attach the sponge to the SWAP tags from step 1.

Step 4: Add safety pins and SWAP.


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