Tuesday is known around here as “Taco Tuesday” so my Tuesday SWAP at camp had to be a taco.

To create this swap, I cut little pieces of felt and sewed them together to create tacos.  While I opted to use a sewing machine, they could be done by hand sewing each SWAP.

Here, let me show you how I made these in 5 easy steps…

Tan felt (for the taco shell)
Brown felt (for the hamburger meat)
Green felt (for the lettuce)
Red felt (for the tomatoes)
Pinking Shears
Tan thread
Sewing Needle (or sewing machine)
A copy of the PDF pattern piece template (HERE).
Safety pins
SWAP tags

Step 1: Download and print the TACO Pattern pieces onto regular paper.

Step 2: Cut out each piece of felt. The Pinking Shears were used to cut the lettuce. This creates a wavy edge. The tomatoes are little red strips of felt. Only the tips show, but the larger pieces are easier to  sew.

Step 3: Arrange the piece of felt. And fold the shell in half.

Step 4: Sew the taco closed.

Step 5: Add a safety pin along with your SWAP tag.  Don’t forget to include your troop number.



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