Hug Your Cat Day

Today is hug your cat day. Since my hubby is a dog person and hates has a strong dislike for cats, I thought I would share this adorable cat I knitted.

I am totally in love with Stana Critter’s work, and this cat is another one of her creations.

The pattern can be found here.  The Poor Felines pattern contains instructions for both a tall cat (featured above) and a fat cat.

For this cat, I used approximately 50 yards of worsted weight yarn and a set of #4 (3.5 mm) double point needles. I did not measure the gauge, but it was knit tight to prevent the stuffing from peeking through.  I twisted a scrap piece of bulky yarn to create a collar.  A pair of 6.0 black beads were added for the eyes and the nose and whiskers were embroidered to create the finishing touch.

I did make one minor change to the pattern.  To help the kitty stand up, I placed the top of an empty vitamin bottle into the bottom of the cat before stuffing it.

Happy Knitting and Hug Your Cat day.


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