AHG Oath Twister

This semester we had several new Tenderhearts join our troop.  So I set out to complete their Joining Award.  To help them learn the AHG Oath, we played AHG Oath Twister.

This game was created by one of our Explorers a few years back when they were working on the Toys and Games Merit badge.

She took an ordinary Twister mat and drew on the circles to represent one part of the Oath.  The red circles represent “Love God” a simple heart and cross was drawn on each one.  On each yellow circle a different family was drawn.  “Honor my Country” was represented by a flag on the blue circles, and “Serve in my Community” is green.

I modified the game spinner, and we were ready to play (the original one had seen better days).  After spinning, I did not call out the color just the phrase.

If you would like to make your own copy of AHG Oath Twister, I have included a pdf file of the spinner.  The printout is two pages and was taped to the original game spinner.




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