Flower SWAP

flower swap

Here it is September!  What happened to my summer! I had such grand plans, and to put it nicely they did not come to fruition.  However, I did have time to make SWAPS for AHG Summer Camp and wanted to spend this month sharing them with you. 

This SWAP, while very time-consuming, was a big hit at camp.  Each flower was crocheted, and I simply added a tag with my name to them.  It took me several months to crochet 100 flowers.

I found the instructions for this flower on YouTube (here).

Each flower used approximately 6 yards of yarn.  This allowed me to use all the odd bits of yarn I have been saving from two years worth of projects.  Even the flowers made from variegated yarn turned out nicely.

I love how SWAPS can be made from just about anything!

Hope you enjoy!








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