Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

footballI grew up listening to Hank Williams Jr. singing the intro to Monday Night Football.  As we are all starting to dream of cooler weather, I must ask “Are you ready for some football?” Whether you cheer for your favorite team on a local, college or professional level, football has a way of uniting people.  Next time you get together to watch your team, why not bake a batch of cupcakes.

With the help of my daughter we baked a batch of cupcakes. After they were cooled I made a batch of frosting.  I tinted most of the frosting green.  Using Wilton tip #233 we added grass / turf to the top of the cupcakes.  With tip #3, we added the white field lines.

Next we grabbed a handful of chocolate covered raisins.  Using only the ones that were oblong in shape, with tip #1 and more white frosting, I turned the raisins into footballs.

I hope you enjoy.



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