Baby Girl Cupcakes

Late last night I was up making cupcakes for my husband to take to work. One of his co-workers is having a baby girl.

baby girl cupcake

I cheated and used a standard box mix with a little added flavoring.

While the cupcakes cooled I worked on making the white chocolate “girls”.  First, I created a template on my computer (just my basic word processor in a script font that I liked).  While I didn’t exactly trace the words, it did help keep the words all the same.  I placed the template under a sheet of wax paper and was ready for the next step.

Next, I shaved white chocolate into small pieces (this helps with more even melting).  I placed the chocolate in a clear, disposable Wilton decorating bag.  I microwaved it for 30 seconds. Then squished it around and microwaved it about 10 seconds more as needed to melt all of the chocolate.

I cut a small hole in the bottom of the decorating bag and piped the chocolate onto wax paper.  It took a little bit of playing around until I got a hole that was the right size.  I found that when the hole was too small the chocolate pieces broke very easily.  Any pieces that I was not happy with went back into the bag and were remelted for the next set.

The chocolates cooled very quickly and by the time I had made enough words (including a few extra for breakage) the first ones were ready. As I emptied the decorator’s bag, I added more chocolate and re-microwaved it until it was melted.

While the chocolates finished setting, I made a batch of decorators frosting (recipe shared here).  Using a large star tip (Wilton 1M), I swirled the pink frosting onto the cupcakes.  One batch of frosting was enough to decorate 40 cupcakes.

Before the icing had time to crust, I removed the “girls” with an offset spatula and placed it on top.  I also added a white sugar pearl to be the dot on top of the “I”.

Happy baking.



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