AHG Badge Help – World Heritage

World HeritageOne of the appeals that American Heritage Girls has to many families is the progression of the program.  A girl can earn the same badge three times – once as a Tenderheart, once as an Explorer and once as a Pioneer / Patriot.  At each level the requirements change and become more challenging while becoming age appropriate. 

Lily just earned the World Heritage badge for the third time.  Each time she chose a different three different countries to study.  Families with multiple children also find this to be an advantage.  The entire family can work on the same badge – the older girls can help teach the younger children.  This also make World Heritage a great badge to be earned at a local AHG day camp.

Regardless to which level you earn this badge at, you still need to be able to locate the countries you study on a map. I found a free map that will be beneficial to all levels working on World Heritage.

World Heritage #1, #6 & #14

To use the file click on the image above and download the pdf or click here.  The file contains three maps, one for each level.  I hope you find this helpful.


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