AHG Badge Help – 20th Anniversary Patch #6

Upside DownDid you enjoy the AHG 20th Anniversary Convention as much as we did? My daughter and I had a blast.  In addition to the workshops, we also enjoyed seeing old AHG friends from around the country.  Having been part of 4 AHG troop in 4 different states, I have many AHG friends that I only see on facebook or at this type of event.

Now that we are home and have recovered from the trip my daughter and her friends are excited to earn the 20th Anniversary Patch. Most of the girls completed a couple of the requirements while at National, so I am teaching a workshop this summer to help them complete it so they can wear their autographed patch on their uniform when the troop resumes meetings in September.

The requirements for this patch can be found here. While many of the requirements are to be done as a troop or unit, some of them can be done individually. Requirement #6 has the girls design a new badge that they think will appear in the AHG Girl Handbook in 20 years.  I created a simple handout for the girls to use to draw their badge.

If you would like to use this, just click on the image below to download a pdf copy of the file.  20th anniversary patch #6

NOTE: The requirements have been simplified here. Please be sure to read the full set of requirements.


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