The great authors

Bible Basics Merit Badge Helps | Life of Momma BOne of my favorite aspects of American Heritage Girls is that it encourages girls to build a personal relationship with Christ.  Lily is currently working on her Bible Basics merit badge.  I love how we are able to incorporate the badge requirements with our regular bible study.

Requirement #11 has the Explorers research who penned the books of the New Testament.  After Lily and I discussed how all scripture is inspired by God, and how He used different people to share His message with us, Lily was ready to begin. Armed with the worksheet I created below and her study Bible, she set to work. She was able to find most of the information required by reading the introduction to each book.

For the questions she could not answer, we took to the internet.  I was able to find a site that lists the authors and their occupations.  (HERE)  I do not however, encourage you to begin with the website.  I believe part of the intent behind this badge is to learn how to use different tools, not just to copy answers onto the page.  In full disclosure I have not researched the doctrine or theology behind this website, and therefore do not indorse it.  It was however helpful in completing this requirement.

If you would like to use the worksheet I created for Lily, just click on the picture below to download a printable pdf file. Lily learned more than I first anticipated. She found the review of each book interesting. Even though this was not a quick requirement to complete, the time spent was well worth it. Nothing encourages a parent like watching a child dig into scripture.

Bible Basics #11 printable worksheet | Life of Momma BNOTE: The requirements have been simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements.


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