National Hat Day

Today is National Hat day. So go ahead and wear your favorite hat with style.

button tab hat with free pattern | Life of Momma BI recently finished knitting up this Button Tab Hat for my niece.  I found the pattern for free on I Like Lemons blog.

It should be of no surprise by now that I did not follow the directions.  First, I used size 6 needles with my Red Heart Super Saver Lilac yarn. The gauge for the hat was not specified, but I like size 6 and use them for most projects.

Next, I decreased the rim by two rows.  Since my button was 1  1/4 inches, it seemed right for its size.

I also increased the length of the hat to 6 inches.  In the original pictures the hat seemed a little short. I personally like a hat that will keep my ears warm.  While it may seem a little too tall on the foam head it actually worked out great.

Happy Knitting.


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