New word for today – Balaclava

Today I learned a new word – Balaclava. Webster defines it as “a warm hat that covers the head, neck, and most of the face”. In my world we call it a ski cap.

ski hatWhen I found this free pattern I knew I wanted to make one for the orphanage in Kenya. This style hat is one of my son’s favorite and I hope that another young boy would enjoy it this winter.

I used some Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Tea Leaf Green with size 8 needles to cast of 72 stitches.  I did alter the pattern in the decrease section of the hat. I disliked how the original changed to a stockinette for the decrease. So I used the ribbed decrease I used on the Mock Cable Hat (minus the cable stitch) to create a ribbed decrease.

You can find the original free pattern here.

Happy Knitting

Update: the pattern location has moved and can know be found here. 



7 thoughts on “New word for today – Balaclava

  1. I’ve made 10 of these hats with that exact pattern and I never once thought of changing the top. Oh well I still have to make one more of them.

      1. I have to admit that I am the same way. I think that patterns or more like guide lines. I did add an extra inch to the bottom of my balaclavas. It’s so cold where I live so its nice to have just a little extra length in the neck. It was actually my Hubby’s idea.

  2. QIm trying to findca balaclava pattern for a worsted weight hat for a four year old
    He’s on the his ccx second set ofvear tubes vcd and needs a hat he cant readily remove!

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