Autumn in New York Hat


It might be “Autumn in New York”, but it is still warm here in Florida.  When my daughter modeled the winter hats going to Kenya she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. One thing I really miss living here in Florida is the fall leaves. But again, I am rambling…. so let me refocus and tell you about this hat.

The pattern for the hat “Autumn in New York” is a free pattern I found on at the Project Stash Blog (here).

I used some of the Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Earth and Sky left over from my fish to knit this hat.  The variegated yarn created a unique spiral effect and the stripes naturally got thinner as I went.  However, the texture of the pattern was lost in the yarn.  If I make this hat again, I will use a solid, so the knitting detail shows.

Happy Knitting.


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