Bathroom Makeover, Part 2 – lighting

I am convinced that lighting make a HUGE difference in every room. So after removing the outdated wallpaper, the light fixture was the next thing to go.

bathroom lightingThe old fixture was tarnished brass, with two bulbs. The globes were a milky white / cream color. This prevented the light from dispersing and resulting in a dull / dark room.

The new fixture is brushed nickel. We picked it up at Lowe’s for less than $20. Since this is the kids bathroom and I don’t have to look at it everyday, we opted not to spend a lot of money on it and went with a basic fixture. It does have a little bit of detail around the edges.

If you have never replaced a light fixture it is really quite easy. This is a job that requires little experience, and can be completed in less than half an hour. Forget paying someone – do it yourself.  There are many great tutorials online that can walk you through it so I will skip that step.



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