What’s a snood?

Well spring break is over, so back to the blog world. The other day, my sister emailed me a picture of this white circle thing she had bought, but it was too small, asking could I knit one for her. My first question is “What is it?”

Long story short, my niece needs a bun cover to wear ice-skating. My sister had purchased one from Target, but it was too small. While looking for a knitting pattern I learned that the technical name for a bun cover is a snood. Webster defines it as “a net or fabric bag pinned or tied on at the back of a woman’s head for holding the hair”.


I found a free pattern for a snowflake snood here. My niece thought it was a flower pattern. But whatever you call it, it worked great and she loved it.

I used “Jamie” yarn by Lion Brand Yarns in Angel White. I used less than 35 yards of yarn to knit a medium size snood.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the link to the Snowflake Snood Pattern by Lucia R. Hicks is no longer available. 



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