American Heritage Girls Merit Badges

I love being part of American Heritage Girls. My daughter also loves it. As soon as we learned that we were moving she wanted to know if there was a troop near us. Thankfully the answer is yes.

However, I have found that they are lacking one thing. Before you worry, let me explain. My son is a Life Scout. He has 5 merit badges and a service project to complete before he is eligible for his Eagle.  We are very proud of him. There is a great free resource available to Boy Scouts – They provide worksheets to accompany every merit badge. As a mom, I wish there were some for American Heritage Girls merit badges.

As a Troop Coordinator in Texas, I made worksheets to help parents with some of the requirements.  I did not complete entire merit badges, but rather tackled some random requirements.  Most of them were for Tenderhearts. As the mom of an Explorer I have began to create worksheets for some of the requirements that Lily is working on. My husband, recommended I share them with you thinking that other parents maybe looking for same thing and there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

If you are a regular follower that enjoys my knitting, cooking and other projects, don’t worry they will continue. However, I am adding a new tab at the top of the page.

Okay, I will quit rambling and get back to creating merit badge helps.



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