Shamrock Pin

St. Patrick’s Day is only one week away. But have no fear, with this quick project you will not be caught without something green.

Shamrock pin

Step 1: I began by knitting 2 pieces of I-cord using size 3 double-point needles and less than 10 grams of yarn left over from the March Dishcloths that I knitted up (see pattern here). The top piece is 6 inches long and the bottom is 8 inches.

Step 2: I coiled three of the ends and used hot glue to hold them together. The 6-inch piece will become the top leaf and stem, while the 8-inch piece will become the right and left leaf.

Step 3 Lay the 8-inch piece on top of the 6 inch piece and secure the piece together with more hot glue. Attach a safety pin to the back.

That’s it. It could not be quicker. In less than one-hour, you are ready to face the day.


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