My Snowman Obsession

Hello, my name is Rebecca, and I have an obsession with snowmen.

I find snowmen to be soooo cute. During the winter holidays my house is full of these whimsical characters. This year I found a way to add another one to the bathroom.

The way I calculate it the project was practically free. I always need soap in the bathrooms, so I would have bought it anyway, and I had the paint and brushes on hand from another project.

Snowman soap

I began with a bottle of white hand soap (well 2 actually).

Step one – remove the label. I have found that rubbing alcohol helps to remove the sticky residue that is left.

Step two – use acrylic paint to create a super cute face. A Q-tip works great for the dots.

Step three – when the paint is dry, wash your hands.

I loved how they turned out. I put one by my kitchen and the other one in the kids bathroom. The soap is now almost gone (I’m a little behind in posting my projects) but the face is still there.  These will be making another appearance at my home next December.

If you decide to make these, I would love to see some pictures.


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