Day 1 of Rebecca-fest

There comes a time in everyone’s life that you realize you are OLD. That is now!  Later this month I turn 40. Yes, the big 4 – 0!

About 3 months ago I found my first gray hair. Being a natural blonde, any gray that I have does not show (until now). While many of my friends have begun graying much earlier, my hairdresser, in Texas, and I had an agreement. I don’t know it’s there, so if you find any don’t tell me, I enjoy living in denial. No longer can I do that, gray is appearing around my hairline. Soon I will have to decide what to do about it, but until then I am enjoying “Rebecca-fest”.

What’s Rebecca-fest you ask. Just ask my husband. When I arrived in Florida after driving from North Carolina, I found our hotel with decorated with a banner and a gift sitting on the bed for me. My sweet husband and kids worked together to plan an entire month to celebrate me. My heart melted. I am feeling very loved right now. Each day of October, I can expect a card and a small gift from them.

On October 1st, I received a cupcake-shaped stress ball. While it does not seem like much, it is supposed to help me cope with the stress of finding a new house, I was actually quite impressed with my husband. The card, banner and table top display were all cupcake themed. And he bought mini-chocolate cupcakes from a local grocery.

Oct. 1


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