Diagonal Dishcloth, #12 of 12

We have reached the end of this series. When I learned to knit I decided to knit a series of dishcloths. This would allow me to learn a few basic patterns and improve on the fundamentals and give me something useful at the end. I figured it was better to spend my time on a dishcloth that looked a little off then a sweater. So off to the store I went and bought the most neutral color I could kind… Ecru!

And then the knitting began. Well, 6 months later I have completed all 12. The final is a diagonal pattern that allowed me to practice increase and decrease.

Diagonal Dishcloth

The original pattern was found on the Discloth Boutique (here).

Here is a list of the other 11 dishcloths

#1 Diamond Pattern

#2 Button in a Square

#3 Basketweave

#4 Seed Stitch

#5 The Letter B

#6 Checkerboard

#7 Waffleknit

#8 Columns

#9 Sploshy

#10 Good Grief

#11 Reversible


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