Where has the summer gone?

I have been off-line for a little over a month now and the summer is almost half over (or at least the calendar says it is). It has been insanely busy month.

It all began when I got pneumonia! Let’s clarify that… pneumonia, bronchitis and a double ear infection. In June of all times. Oh what a joy (NOT). To but it nicely it kicked my butt for a good week and it took several weeks to get over.

Shortly after getting sick my father tore his rotator cuff. Since he lives by himself in Alabama this meant an unplanned trip to visit with the surgeon. He was injured at work and due to the slow workmen’s comp insurance surgery has been scheduled for August. So I will be headed back to Alabama soon for a few weeks.

Then came family vacation. My brother-in-law (who is active duty Air Force) has recently been stationed at Fort Meade, MD. This is only 30 miles from Washington DC. Since we have never been and we had free lodging, we were able to spend the week of July 4th with family. What an awesome experience! In addition to spending time with family we went to the National Zoo, the Library of Congress, the Capital, and Arlington Cemetery. It rained most of the week but we had lots of fun. We watched the fireworks from the statue of Iwo Jima. What a view. The crowds were not bad and the weather was great. Then we came home to rest. It was a busy week where we spent most of the days going, going going.

But have no fear. I am home and rested and ready to start blogging again. This time off does not mean my hands have been idle, far from it. Now to find the time to write-up all the many projects and recipes that I have completed.


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