Waffle knit dishcloth – 7 of 12

Earlier this year I began a series of dish clothes. I decided to make 12 different patterns as I learned to knit.  Other projects have caused me to put them on hold, but I am back to making dishclothes. Here is a list of the others that I have made.

#1 – Diamond pattern

#2 – Button in a Square

#3 – Basketweave

#4 – Seed stitch

#5 – The letter B

#6 – Checkerboard

Dishcloth #7 is a Waffle Weave pattern I found on HomespunLiving.com  This pattern was originally published in November of 2007 and included a stripe in the center. I opted to make mine with only one color, so to keep with the set.

Waffle weave


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