What is wrong with this picture?


Earlier this month we moved from Texas to North Carolina. Like any move it was full of adventures and mishaps. I was telling a girl friend about some of them and she thought I should write a blog with my adventures in life and “I hear you can make money at it”. Well, I don’t blog to make money, and most of my friends do not know that I do blog. I thought I would randomly post about some of the things we found. It is only upon looking back at them are they humorous. I hope you don’t find them too boring.

Part of my husband’s relocation package included hiring packers to come in and do the boxing for me. While I did find it necessary to do some of the boxing ahead of time (especially for things like my china that I wanted packed very carefully) I am grateful for the help. The thing about hiring someone else to do the work for you is they never do it the way you would do it.

Unpacking boxes makes my blood boil. They seem to have gone out of their way to make setting up home difficult for me. I cannot figure out why they felt the need to separate items. They took the lids off of all of my canisters, the canisters were in one box while the lids were in another. They separated the electric tea kettle and the base that is need to make it work. The plastic bowls were in one box, and the lids are still MIA, I assume they are in one of many boxes yet to be opened.

One of the first boxes we opened, because the boxes were not labeled was my cookbooks. However, they also decided to add a jar of molasses from the pantry. The jar was not wrapped just dropped in the box. These items were not in the same location. REALLY GUYS!!! Who in their right mind would put a jar of molasses with books. Ok, I get that maybe being males you did not realize that molasses is a sticky thick syrupy substance but a glass jar of anything does not belong with books.

After I calmed down, I actually find it quite humorous. Do you have adventures from moving, I would love to hear about them.


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