Audience of One

The Daily Post on November 29th, encouraged us to “Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.” Since this is my first official blog post, I changed it to be the one person I wish was reading this post. I have decided to write to my grandfather, affectionately known as Dobb. Dobb is 93 and currently under hospice care.

Dear Dobb,

First, I want you to know that I love you. Miles have kept us apart but you have always been close to my heart. You will never know how many times I have wanted to hear your voice, to sit and listen to you talk and tell stories. Dobb, you are loved.

You probably do not know this, but your house was always a place of comfort for me. Even as a little girl, I loved to swing underneath the Magnolia tree. How I will miss those days now! I remember eating watermelon on the picnic bench and saving the rinds for the chickens. I love how your furniture never changed. When we came home, I always knew what to expect. It was a constant in my ever-changing life.

Well, I’m older know, and how I still long for the days of sitting on your back porch, surrounded by plants. Or better yet, to sit in the chair next to you and just to have you talk to me. It has been so long since you have talked. As I am writing this, I realize how much I miss those days. To eat a bowl of soup made from the vegetables of your garden or to have you “carry me to eat” at the Stagecoach would be a band-aid on my heart right now. But this is not possible, so I will just have to keep those memories close to my heart.

I know that you are ready to go home now. While I will miss you, and will shed many more tears than I already have, I know that we will be okay. I promise to look after my Daddy. I don’t quite now how, but I’m sure I will figure that out as I go.

Until we see each other again… I love you and always will,

Your #1 grand-daughter

P.S. When you get to heaven please give Grandmother a great big hug from me and tell her that I love her too.


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