Badge Help – Freedom Seekers #10

Who was John W. Anderson?  A quick Google search provided multiple answers.
  • Commodore John William Anderson was the longest serving captain of the SS United States
  • John W Anderson,  Automotive Hall of Fame member, and prolific inventor.
  • Sheriff John W Anderson (per Facebook)
  • John W Anderson,  veteran at the battle of San Jacinto
  • John W Anderson,  attorney at law
    and the list goes on.

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Merit Badge Help – Freedom Seekers #2

Since February is Black History Month, I thought I would feature badge helps from the Freedom Seekers badge each Friday during the month of February.

As American Heritage Girls, we learn about Harriet Tubman, but there were many other conductors on the Underground Railroad. Merit badge requirement #2 has the Tenderhearts research 3 famous conductors. Continue reading “Merit Badge Help – Freedom Seekers #2”