My Grandmother’s Peach Cobbler

My grandmother was an amazing cook. Of course my grandfather taught her how to cook and when they got married, she could not boil water (her words, not mine). Never the less, I always remember her as a great cook. Her table was always overflowing with fresh vegetables from their garden, and dessert was always close by.Peach cobbler

Years ago she gave my mom her cobbler recipe, which was passed down to me when I got married. The original recipe said to cook in a modest oven until done. Don’t you love recipes like that.

Her recipe is a little different from most cobbler recipes. You assemble it upside-down. The crust goes in first, then you add the peaches.  During the cooking process the crust will rise to the top and cover the peaches.  It may seem odd, but trust me – it works.

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