Everyone is better wrapped in Bacon


Recently my daughter and I watched Fuller House, a Netflix spin off of the 80’s televesion show Full House. In episode 1, Kimmy Gibbler wore a bacon and egg scarf. I was determined to make something similar. Continue reading “Everyone is better wrapped in Bacon”


Cupcakes anyone?

cupcakeI have been playing around lately with knit play food. I was fortunate to find a free pattern on Maiya Knits for a simple cupcake.

Armed with some scraps of yarn, a set of #5 dpns, and some fiber filling, I was able to knit this in one evening.

I did adjust the pattern slightly. I opted to leave off the face as I was looking for something a little more realistic than cartoonish.  I also did not knit the cupcake liner that was included in the pattern.  I decided that it was great without and now I can knit something else.