AHG Badge Help – Horsemanship #7

Do you realize how many different breeds of horses exist? Just in the United States there are close to 50 different breeds.  And there are too many to list from around the world.  The most common breeds include Arabian, American Paint Horse, American Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Thoroughbred.

To help my Tenderheart unit complete Horsemanship requirement #7, I began with a trip to my local library.  I checked out a stack of books on horse breeds.  My favorite was Horses by Elwyn Hartley Edwards.  It is part of the DK Smithsonian handbook series. Continue reading

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Little Flower Hat

When I began knitting my current set of baby hats, I knew this one had to be included.  The ribbon rose on top of this hat, makes it absolutely adorable.

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AHG Badge Help – Living and Working in Space #4

As a child I remember how exciting the thought of being an astronaut and walking in space would be.  I could not imagine how breathtaking it would be to watch a sunrise in space, or humbling it would be to look out into the depths of the universe and realize how small the human race is.  As I have grown older, and the space program has changed, I no longer dream of spending months in space away from my family and loved ones.

Requirement #4 of Living and Working in Space allows the girls to imagine what they would look like as an astronaut.  With the aid of digital cameras and the internet, this requirement can be completed very easily for Tenderhearts. Continue reading

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Baby Hat

If the Big Bow Hat is not your style, and you prefer a more subtle flair, check out this adorable baby bow hat.

I began with a free pattern I found online here. This cute hat used a little bit of contrasting yarn to create a huge wow factor.  The bow was super easy to make, but a little plain compared to the Big Bow Hat.

If I were to knit this again, I think I would merge the two hats together and create a small bow in the style of the large one.

Happy Knitting!

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AHG Badge Help – Horsemanship #9

Every American Heritage Girl I have met seems drawn to the Horsemanship Merit Badge.

Many years ago, when my daughter earned this badge, the instructor used sticky notes to teach the parts of a horse.

Recently my Tenderheart unit attended a multi-troop event to a local horse farm.  However, the instructor missed a few requirements.  Thankfully we were able to finish them up at a meeting.

Since I did not have access to a live horse, I made do with a piece of poster board.

NOTE: The requirements have been simplified here. Please be sure to read the full text in the Girl Handbook to make sure you fully understand the requirements.


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Big Bow Hat

Every little girl needs a bow in her hair. So on winter months when it’s cold outside, why not put the bow on her hat.

Today’s hat was designed by Casey.  The free pattern can be found on her blog here.

The best thing about the newborn hats I’ve been knitting lately is they use very little yarn. I have been able to use up my drawer full of little bits of yarn.

Happy Knitting

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AHG Oath Twister

This semester we had several new Tenderhearts join our troop.  So I set out to complete their Joining Award.  To help them learn the AHG Oath, we played AHG Oath Twister. Continue reading

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