Baby Blanket Week 5

Week 5I am starting to make good progress, if all goes as planned, I will be finished by this time next week.  This week I was able to attach two rows and knit an additional white stripe and alphabet row.

After much searching (and a little frogging) I opted to leave the corner squares blank.  I knitted each of them in a straight stockinette stitch.

Back to my knitting.

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AHG Badge Help – Aviation #17

AviationI have found the Aviation Merit Badge to be one of the more challenging merit badges American Heritage Girls has to offer.  It requires a lot of technical knowledge to be able to teach it, or a good hands-on museum. But, considering today is Amelia Earhart’s Birthday, I wanted to offer some assistance for those working on this badge.

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French Toast

French toast

When it comes to breakfast foods, I love my sweets. Ok! I love sweets all times of the day and suffer from a chronic sweet tooth! French toast is one of my favorites, but a good French Toast is hard to find.  Continue reading

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Baby Blanket, week 4

The knitting continues.  I am happy to say, I was able to complete a little more this week than I did last week.  As you can see, I finished and attached a white stripe, completed an additional alphabet stripe and a white stripe.  I usually attach each stripe before beginning the next, but I worked on the white row at a doctor’s appointment – yes it was a very long wait.  I guess I better figure out what I will do with the corner squares now that I am ready to knit them.  Check back next week to see what I decide.

baby blanket week 4 | Life of Momma B

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What are SWAPS

As I prepared for the American Heritage Girl National Convention last month, I was surprised to learn how many people still do not understand what SWAPS are.  Hopefully this will help those who are new to the idea of SWAPS.

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AHG Badge Help – 20th Anniversary Patch #6

Upside DownDid you enjoy the AHG 20th Anniversary Convention as much as we did? My daughter and I had a blast.  In addition to the workshops, we also enjoyed seeing old AHG friends from around the country.  Having been part of 4 AHG troop in 4 different states, I have many AHG friends that I only see on facebook or at this type of event.

Now that we are home and have recovered from the trip my daughter and her friends are excited to earn the 20th Anniversary Patch. Most of the girls completed a couple of the requirements while at National, so I am teaching a workshop this summer to help them complete it so they can wear their autographed patch on their uniform when the troop resumes meetings in September. Continue reading

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Chicken Ole’

Chicken OleChicken Ole’ is a quick and easy one pot meal that is ready in about 30 minutes.  It satisfies my family’s love for Mexican food with a combination of rice, black beans, chicken and corn.  Served with a side of tortilla chips and it is a full meal.  Continue reading

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