Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce

 BBQ Sauce

Whenever I smoke a pork roast, I always make my own sauce to go with it. Around here we like a combination of sweet and spicy.  This recipe is easy to make up while the roast is cooking.  Continue reading

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Orange Peel Cupcakes

Outdoor CookingWhile camping the meal options are endless, but dessert does not have to be limited to s’mores. Next time you go camping try Orange Peel Cupcakes.  We made these while working on the Outdoor Cooking Merit Badge (#21).

orange cupcake Continue reading

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Pork Rub

Smoked ButtThe butt of the pig is also known as a shoulder roast.  When I got my first electric smoker 7 years ago, Lily thought it was more fun to call it a butt – that’s five year old humor for ya! Continue reading

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Campfire Foil Meal

Outdoor CookingIt is officially fall. I’m one happy camper (pun intended).

Now that it is fall a lot of American Heritage Girls troops are planning campouts. I have decided to devote the next couple of Friday posts to camping.

Requirement #14 of the Outdoor Cooking merit badge has the girls create foil meals.  This is one meal that works well for the entire group – regardless of which ages are camping.  I set up an assembly line and allow the girls to prepare their own meal.

Foil meal Continue reading

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Cornbread cake

cornbread cakeCornbread cake? You heard me right.  My aunt sent me a group of family favorite recipes last year and this was one of them.  I could not get past the name.  Well, fast forward to last month… while visiting my aunt she made this cake.  It is now a must in my collection. I have made it twice since I’ve been home.

It is easy to make (which is always a plus).  And it has the perfect balance of sweetness.  It does not need frosting, but it is not overly sweet. It would be perfect for a brunch.  Continue reading

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Doll hat and scarf set

IMG_0213With cooler weather right around the corner, it’s time to keep your 18 inch dolls warm too. I have added these brightly colored hat and scarf sets to my Etsy shopContinue reading

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AHG Badge Help – World Heritage

World HeritageOne of the appeals that American Heritage Girls has to many families is the progression of the program.  A girl can earn the same badge three times – once as a Tenderheart, once as an Explorer and once as a Pioneer / Patriot.  At each level the requirements change and become more challenging while becoming age appropriate.  Continue reading

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