Ice Cream Keychain

I decided to start out 2019 with a couple of little tiny knits.  With my goal to knit 100 items this year, some will have to be tiny to compensate for the larger projects I hope to complete.

This adorable ice cream cone was created using a free pattern written my Amanda Berry.  It can be found on Ravelry (here).   Continue reading

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Here it is 2019, and I still have not shared all of my SWAPS from summer camp.  My Camp SWAP was a huge hit.  The extra effort required was worth it when I saw the joy on both the adults’ and girls’ faces. Continue reading

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Get ready, cause here I come!

Well, January is more than half way through and the crazy holiday season is long over, yet my projects and commitments continue to grow.

But hang on to your hat, I am determined to make my blog a higher priority this year.  I usually do not post my goals for the year, but I am taking a step of faith, and being transparent. Continue reading

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Country Cornbread

To all southerners, cornbread is a dietary staple.  While the box of Jiffy Cornbread does work, it tends to be very sweet. For the same amount of work, you can create your own country style cornbread.

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One Sad Puppy Dog

I recently had the opportunity to test knit another pattern for Stana Sorter – A dog bookmark!!!

My puppy is a little sad because he has been squished inside a book a little too long.

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Two days till Christmas…

Here it is two days till Christmas and the knitting is not done.

If only my dog was as talented as Garfield, I would have nothing to worry about.
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Woven Paper Christmas Tree

With it being so close to Christmas, I wanted to make our last Tenderheart AHG meeting of 2018 fun.  My girls love all things crafty. In January we will begin working on the Textile Arts merit badge.  I found this idea on Pinterest and “borrowed” it as a way to introduce weaving to the girls.
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