I took the plunge!

Well, the day I always knew was coming, has arrived!

I took the plunge!

I bought my first pattern!

Now I know what you are thinking … I have been knitting for 6 years and have never purchased a pattern.  With so many wonderful free patterns available online (and a few books borrowed from the local library), I have never felt the need to purchase knitting patterns – until now. Continue reading

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Merit Badge Help – Freedom Seekers #2

Since February is Black History Month, I thought I would feature badge helps from the Freedom Seekers badge each Friday during the month of February.

As American Heritage Girls, we learn about Harriet Tubman, but there were many other conductors on the Underground Railroad. Merit badge requirement #2 has the Tenderhearts research 3 famous conductors. Continue reading

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How much is that doggie in the window?

Today’s knitting project is darling little doggie.  While he is not for sale, if he was sitting in the store window, he would not last long.  Everyone would want to take him home! Continue reading

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A Little bag of tricks

If you are like most knitters I know you have a drawer full of odd bits of yarn.  You hate to throw them away, yet you are unsure what to make with them. I have the perfect quick knit for you.

I found a free pattern on Ravelry for a Magic Holding Bag (here).  There is nothing really magical about this pattern, just a few basic knitting techniques and a bit of yarn.  I loved the solid sides, it prevents little items from falling out.  The drawstring is a simple I-cord.

While the possibilities are endless, I plan to place a set of marbles in my bag and include it in my Operation Christmas Child Shoebox in the fall.

When I knit this pattern again (and I do plan to) I will make the base a little smaller. I think ribbon may be a little sturdier as a drawstring, but it will depend on what you plan to use this bag for.

Happy Knitting.


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God Made EWE Special SWAP

Over the last few years, I have created at least one SWAP to improve my crocheting skills.  This year I opted to make these easy-going ewes. Continue reading

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Ice Cream Keychain

I decided to start out 2019 with a couple of little tiny knits.  With my goal to knit 100 items this year, some will have to be tiny to compensate for the larger projects I hope to complete.

This adorable ice cream cone was created using a free pattern written my Amanda Berry.  It can be found on Ravelry (here).   Continue reading

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Here it is 2019, and I still have not shared all of my SWAPS from summer camp.  My Camp SWAP was a huge hit.  The extra effort required was worth it when I saw the joy on both the adults’ and girls’ faces. Continue reading

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